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The Golden Rule: Your Employees Success is Yours

I have hired over 300 people in the last 27 years. Managers, Physician Extenders, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Billing Staff and Physical Therapists. In every case, I have tried to give them the tools to succeed and grow at their job.

I spoke recently with my Clinic Manager from Joliet. She started as an athletic trainer and physician extender and became our Clinic Manager in 2 years. She left to run a department for a nearby hospital. And now, she is going to PA school and asked for a reference. My medical assistant became a nurse and is now attending nurse practitioner school. My first DME coordinator trained on the job and now runs a large Pediatric DME program in Atlanta. My second DME coordinator left to become a regional medical rep for a bracing company. He was an athletic trainer who also trained on the job. My previous billing manager has stepped into administrative roles with my ex-partners. My previous practice administrator now runs a large nephrology group. My marketing representative now administers a large surgery center and radiology group. The receptionist who started with me in 1997 is a front desk lead and manager now. My surgical assistant formed his own business, got his MBA and is back running my current business as our COO.

When I opened my own practice in 2006 I always felt that my prior corporate employer had no idea how to maximize human capital. That the process of lifting, elevating and watching people soar was too mundane for our previous COO who was always talking about “Cash Money!” as if we were broke before we started. Well I assure you it is the most amazing experience because each of them carry the education you imprinted in them. Each of them lives by the ethics you demonstrated. And all of them carry a piece of your passion and heart.

To all of you with whom I have had the pleasure of crossing paths, I rejoice in your success and I believe we have left the world a better place. Watching you Become has been the honor of my life.


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