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Social Media Reboot

I got a gentle reminder from our website designer that maintaining our YouTube channel is my responsibility. It turns out that new content is everything and that we lose hearts and minds if people don't get new information to consume. So I set out to update our YouTube channel. And in the process, I saw many familiar faces in these videos. I thought about why I pursue this particular medium, and why not just do flashy ads and talk about our outcomes in a general fashion. So I thought I'd take a minute to talk to you directly about our goals and purpose.

By the way, this is our YouTube channel:

It occurred to me that I want patients to hear from other patients many year ago. I was in a conversation with a patient who was contemplating surgery. They asked me a very provocative question.

"Why should I have Surgery with you?"

I thought about it. My answer was that they should not choose our practice. Because if they did not want to be here and did not believe they were getting the best possible care, then they should go elsewhere. My next thought was what was I doing to make people feel comfortable? So I began making videos over 20 years ago and some of them are still on my YouTube channel. I want patients to understand what other patients think of us and our care. I recognize that we're not going to please everyone. But I am certainly going to make sure that everyone is educated about their options, risks, benefits, and alternatives.

The outcomes you see in these videos either on our Facebook channel or on YouTube are only partially the result of my care. The truth is in orthopedics that patients do the lions share. What I am most proud about is that we educate our patients to be the best at recovering from our care. There are many pitfalls in our business and this practice of medicine repeatedly teaches us to guide and support our patients so they can avoid problems we have seen before. Over the last 30 years of practice, I have really come to understand why experience trumps every other form of accolade. I have seen it so I will protect you from that outcome to the best of our ability.

So if you choose to put your health outcomes in our hands, I promise to support, guide, educate, and teach you how to manage your problem the best way possible. No one can guarantee great outcomes, but we can provide the knowledge required to achieve that result. So join the MK Orthopedics team and let us help you be the best that you can be.


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