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Respectful Compassion

Compassion for others belongs in our daily life. One of my patients had surgery recently. I called to check on her and she was quite upset. She shared this disturbing story.

Her surgeon changed the procedure at the last minute, discussed it for 2 minutes and left her very nervous. He didn’t address how she felt or why the change occurred. She went ahead with some trepidation. Postop he never saw her or spoke to her although she was admitted for 2 days. She doesn’t know what was done and won’t be seen for 3 weeks.

She said to me that she thought all practices were like ours. Where all patients are advised that we give every patient what they need which means you might wait, but you too will get that same attention.

It made me reflect upon why we do what we do. And this TED talk confirms for me the value of respectful compassion. The vision to see the change that is possible and the courage to make it happen. Be the change your patients, your clients, your staff need. Look ahead and visualize their needs and make it happen. What Are You Waiting For?


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