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Treat Everyone like a Professional Athlete

Patients with orthopedic injuries often struggle to access specialists in a timely fashion. Arbitrary rules, limited appointments, and receptionists that throw up walls and limit access are all too common. Patients feel marginalized and their injuries are minimized leaving them to wonder if anybody cares about them.

The funny thing is that athletes are often treated differently. Because it is critical to get them back to sport, athletes get preferential access and treatment. But what if we have the same standard of treatment for everyone? What if the industrial athlete was treated like a professional athlete? What if access was no longer a problem? What if we prioritize everyone and no one gets left behind??

Welcome to the Orthopedic Urgent Care at Pinnacle Hospital. We started this program pre-Covid with Dr Komanduri. He has provided over 25 years of sports medicine coverage to multiple high schools and colleges. Dr Komanduri is in the Providence Catholic Hall of Fame for his service to the school. So treating patients like famous athletes comes naturally for him.

We are proud to announce that Dr Komanduri has been named the Director of Orthopedic Urgent Care at Pinnacle Hospital. Be prepared to have same day access to a specialist. Be ready to be treated like you are famous. Never struggle to find quality orthopedic care again. We are at your service at your convenience not ours. We are bringing two great traditions together to make your quality of life better.


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