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The Doctor Patient Relationship

It is no surprise that patients struggle to find a physician relationship that provides quality, education, and compassion. After 26 years I have learned that we all fall down and our communication skills need constant attention to meet our patients needs. Gaining the trust of a patient is a very personal relationship and one that comes with great expectations. It is a great honor and the responsibility is not for the faint of heart. At MK Orthopedics we understand how to meet those expectations.

It is possible to be focused and thorough while being compassionate. Patients need to deal with financial issues, work and home responsibilities, childcare, insurance hurdles, and a myriad of other factors that push and pull against the recommendations we make. Within reason, it is often possible to design treatment plans that accommodate many of these issues. Finding your preferred solution and making it work for you is what we do best. So when we say What Are You Waiting For, we mean that your best care is waiting for you at MK Orthopedics and we cant wait to provide you a personally tailored treatment plan>


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