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We are so proud to become part of the Crown Point community!

Dr. Mukund Komanduri MK Orthopedics

This is a very important week. July 1st is our first day of clinic. I can’t thank my patients enough, old and new. Being “tracked down” by an old friend who scolds me about trying to “leave them” made me laugh. I love what I do and all of you keep reminding me why I do it. Some of you will recognize the faces and some will not.

But always remember that we put patients first. Access, Quality, Comfort are in our daily vocabulary. We do not send patients to collection because I believe in the basic goodness of people. I have hundreds of experiences where patients down on their luck have recovered and paid us first for treating them like a human being.

If your child is injured we will see them regardless of insurance even if only to provide guidance. Keeping insurance can be hard but no child should suffer from our failings. I have never regretted that policy and intend to keep it until my last day of work.

We hope to provide you one stop shopping. We have on-site digital x-ray, Physical therapy, ultrasound, and experienced high quality staff. We have a Nurse Clinic manager who can provide medication advice and a COO who has an MBA in Healthcare Management so we can grow effectively. Our Medical Assistants and Radiology Technologists are compassionate and will always greet you with a smile.

Our focus is your welfare, your health and your quality of life. Although we provide all services, we want to emphasize joint preservation as we are all getting older and living longer. Sports medicine can be applied to all walks of life and all ages. We treat everyone as if they are an elite athlete. Let me prove it to you personally. #mkorthopedics


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