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Areas of Expertise & Services

We Educate Our Patients

Understanding your options and the steps to recovery are essential. Our Patient Education pages feature animations and videos to help you. We offer non-surgical and surgical treatment for the joints, extremities and spine, including:

Elbow: Dr. Komanduri has extensive experience at diagnosing and treating a full range of elbow conditions such as fractures, sport injuries-like golf or tennis elbow, and range of motion conditions.

Hand and Wrist: Dr. Komanduri has the experience to treat hand and wrist conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hip: The joint of your hip is responsible for most of the bending, and twisting motions as well as walking and running. Our Testimonials page features patients who’ve overcome hip pain with the help of Dr. Komanduri.

Knee: Dr. Komanduri has extensive experience in treating knee pain, mobility and range of motion symptoms.

Shoulder: Dr. Komanduri specializes in partial and total joint replacement, reconstruction, and decompression therapy, as well as arthroscopic surgery to treat a variety of chronic shoulder issues.

Non-surgical treatments : In some cases non-surgical treatment may be the best course of care. That may include specialized bracing, supports, physical therapy or medication to facilitate recovery without surgery.

If you’re in pain, call us now at 219-600-4MKO to schedule an appointment.

My Approach


When we see patients at MK Orthopedics, our goal is to find the least invasive path to good health. We believe that patient education and understanding of their problem is the best way to provide all options.


Orthopedic surgery is about quality of life and everything we do for patients is elective. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a choice when you are suffering, but there are always options and carefully vetting them with your surgeon as a partner is critical. Dr. Komanduri will explain the risks, benefits and all alternatives after making and explaining your diagnosis. It’s important to find a surgeon that helps you feel confident in your outcome and that is our goal. Dr. Komanduri also believes in availability and all of his patients receive his personal cell phone number for their emergent needs. Come find out what it feels like to be truly cared for as a member of our family of patients.

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